Grounds for Fairness

Grounds for Fairness


Grounds for Fairness

By: James Lawson    June 26, 2023


Our commitment to Fair Trade and Sustainable Farming.

It all starts and ends with the coffee beans! Angry Bear Coffee prides itself on offering only the highest quality coffee to our valued customers. This promise begins with our unwavering commitment to finding and sourcing from the most eco-friendly and sustainable farms around the world. Next we ask all of your to join with us in this commitment by becoming one of our valued customers.

Responsible Farming

It all starts with the love of home. We might all reside in different homes, regions, and territories, but we all live together on one planet! Our goal at Angry Bear Coffee is to utilize the safest agricultural resources that promote healthy living, and healthy consumption, while promoting responsible initiatives. Sustainable agriculture integrates 3 main goals: environmental health, economic growth, and social equity.

For more information on shared values, kindly visit,

Fair Trade 

After reading this, you may want to consider switching to Angry Bear Coffee. Look for the (FT) grading abbreviation next to our coffee products. That tells you it's Fair Trade! Did you know that nearly 2 million farmers and workers are involved in Fair Trade worldwide? That's right! Nearly 100+ countries also participate in that system as well. So, what exactly is Fair Trade and how does it benefit everyone from growers to consumers? Click below for an example of that designation:

Peru – Angry Bear Coffee

Now more than ever our consumers care about the planet and social practices. And that's a good thing! Angry Bear Coffee cares about important global issues like environmental practices, human rights and fair incomes for all workers across the planet. Simply, Fair Trade is making certain that hardworking people get their piece of the pie. We want our incredible customers to get involved as well!

To learn more about ethically sourced, fair-trade coffee, kindly visit here:

Angry Bear Coffee is committed to 100% transparency. We offer our customers the ability to research and scrutinize our product more closely with vital information for each coffee selection. You’ll discover that promise to you as you explore our vast variety of the world's greatest coffee. 

So go ahead and GRIND ON!

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